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Coralie was born from the passion for fashion and the tailoring skills of
Monica Tivano, founder of the brand.

Born in a very small provincial town, Monica understood from an early age that her future would be in the world of fashion and her desire was to make clothes and bring her creations to the big cities.

The stylistic and sartorial path began at a young age, when Monica began to take her first steps in the workshop alongside historic seamstresses who taught her the ancient techniques of tailoring and revealed the secrets of this profession.

Over the years, the numerous studies aimed at sartorial style and modeling and the work experiences in the sector, lead the designer to a greater awareness of what her project wants to be which is based on the transformation of craftsmanship and tailoring in a modern key.

In 2022 the opening of her Atelier with her first collections, through which she transmits the value of being oneself to every woman.

Monica defines Coralie as "a modern brand that encompasses an ancient profession".

The strong point that distinguishes the brand is in fact that of wanting to keep the concept of tailoring alive.

Each collection is planned, designed and created, maintaining step by step all the steps required to create a tailored garment, both for pret a porter garments and for haute couture creations.

Alongside tailoring, the concept of quality is combined.

The collections are made using natural fabrics from Italian companies to maintain the Made in Italy supply chain in every
passage, but also to promote the concept of sustainability.

In fact, the brand wants to communicate how fashion can also be a vehicle for transmitting messages that go beyond simple "dressing".

Monica thinks about how important and fundamental it is, especially in the historical moment in which we are increasingly supporting and motivating an ethical, more controlled and valuable market.

Also for this reason the designer is particularly keen to maintain an open and constant dialogue with her women.


In February 2023 Coralie designed some haute couture dresses presented in an exceptional location during the Sanremo Festival.

JUNE 2023

In June 2023 he participates for the first time in Turin Fashion Week with the Spring/Summer Collection.


Also in summer 2023, Coralie creations will also land on French territory through the Reich'Art association, bringing the brand to the French Riviera.